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Other Trail (Addingham and area)


Bus Stop from Ilkley

A convenient starting point for the trail if arriving by bus from Ilkley or the opposite direction.

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St Peter's Church

The locus of Christian worship at Addingham from over 1100 years ago.

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Philip Walton Showroom

A pause to look at some fine examples of oriental craftsmanship in rug design and manufacture.

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Duck Pond

A short serene walk around a pond populated by enchanting ducks.

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Our Lady and English Martyrs Catholic Church

Commemorating Catholic persecution from five centuries ago.

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Mount Hermon Weslyan Reform Union Church

Beginnings of the Reform movement at Addingham.

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The Crown Inn

Initial meeting place of the "Primitive" Methodists.

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Library and Parish Council

The original library building from 1669.

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Weslyan Methodist Chapel

The first base for the Weslyan Methodists in addingham.

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Chapel Court Mausoleum

An early burial ground and family mausoleum.

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Addingham Methodist Church

An old school building making way for Methodist worship.

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Burnside Mills

A reminder of the once burgeoning textile industry in Addingham.

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Catholic Meeting House

An early abode for Catholic Mass.

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Memorial Hall

A Primitive Methodist Chapel from early 20th century.

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War Memorial

In memory of lost lives in World War I.

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